Your Health, Wellbeing and Your i-Watch – A Technology on the Match


One continuously developing areas of Smart-technologies is the i-watch or smartwatch. Apart from being a time keeper, the i-watch’s fastest  growing application are in health parameters, fitness and wellness fields, all of which form part of our personal big data. Among many other things including weather and geolocation, the i-watch, especially the premium i-watches also provides the following:

  • Setting and monitoring exercise targets
  • Setting sleep goals
  • Tracking critical heart related information
  • Checking blood oxygen level, which helps to monitor overall wellness and fitness
  • Promoting personal hygiene by encouraging the wearers to wash their hand at important moments, even more important in period of coronavirus pandemic and CoVID-19 and related variants infections.

There are certain misconception that may come with these technological advances. No, i-watches are not yet designed to detect heart conditions. If you have any problems or experience chest pain, pressure, lightness or any signs of potential heart attack, the advice is still to call the emergency services immediately as time is of the essence in order to save life under these conditions.

Your i-watch can also be a pain sometimes like when you have been sitting down or working away for several hours non-stop. Your i-watch can order you, sometimes disrespectfully or indiscreetly but necessary, to stand up and do some exercise like walk around. It will provide you with the stats showing how long you have been dangerously sedentary.

At this point, you may have this sick or unusual feeling of losing control of your precious life to this thing called i-watch or smartwatch on your wrist. Please, spare it! Do not throw it away.  

Your i-watch is just ensuring you remain fit and well. It is important to humbly obey in these circumstances by quickly getting on your feet and walking or even jumping around to get the heart pumping and the limbs active.

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