Zeepla is a provider of  a social environmentally sustainable economic open market community Technology Platform where Zeepla Registered  Participants  (ZRP) sell, buy, donate and / or exchange so called second hand,  preloved or out-of-favour but good quality phones, iphones, computers, ipad, other electronic communication, entertainment  devices, household items and accessories.

Zeepla is founded on deeply rooted environmental and sustainability commitment, which is reflected in efforts to extend the beneficial lives and utility of goods already produced and in global circulation. Through resale, donations and exchange, Zeepla hopes to give products particularly hardware products that are more challenging to recycle technologically such as electronic, communication, entertainment and other household goods wherever possible, a new lease of life with new owners.

By our activities, we hope to contribute to the reduction of thoughtless consumerism leading to excessive use of rare, non-renewal and non-finite resources that put pressure on our shared environment.

We encourage our Participants to sell or pass on items they consider surplus to requirements or that they have fallen out of love or favour with. By selling or exchanging items or goods our Participants can also get resources for other ventures that can help promote their personal wellbeing.

Our Participants can also support other good causes through donation of items that are either surplus to their needs or that they can afford to give away instead of leaving them to waste away in the house, or throwing them away.

Spaces in our houses are becoming increasingly expensive as house prices go up, hence, it is equally good for a giving or selling Participant to liberate space or decongest the house.  We believe that giving  or sharing as well as a decongested or decluttered space can promote a refreshing feeling of self-good and personal wellbeing.