Zeepla® is a Social Community Environmentally Sustainable Open Market Technology Platform

for the sales, re-sale, purchase, donation and exchange of so-called second-hand, preloved phones, shop-returned, iphones, ipads, computers, home and away-from-home communication and entertainment gadgets, devices, equipment and accessories.

Our Mission

Zeepla® maximises value for customers by encouraging sale, resale, donation and exchanges of so called second hand, preloved good quality, well-kept and high-end communication and entertainment technologies and accessories thereby advancing and fostering a sustainable environment.

We are passionate about using technology in ways that extend the beneficial lives of these gadgets, devices and equipment, reduce or eliminate waste and the consumption of limited natural resources that were used in the initial production of these often non-recyclable or difficult to recycle technological items and goods.

Our Vision

Zeepla® promotes wasteless consumption by stretching the lifetime of second-hand, high-end, high-quality electronic communication and entertainment gadgets and devices, equipment and accessories through a community technology platform for resale, purchase, exchange, gifting or donating.

Decongest these useful technologies around us to enhance our financial, environmental, mental health and well-being.

Who We Are

We are passionate about the benefits of new technology, consumption and the environment. Zeepla® is a provider of a social environmental sustainable economic community open market technology Platform where Zeepla® Registered Participants (ZRP) sell, buy, donate and / or exchange so called second hand, preloved or out-of-favour, high-quality telephones, iphones, computers, ipads, communication and other electronics goods and accessories, thereby support the effort the make our planet more sustainable.
We are passionate about the value and use of technologies as well as the long term impact on our environment.

Who We Cater For

Zeepla® is a provider of robust social sustainable community open market technology platform for transactions and interaction between people who want to either sell, buy, donate, or exchange, find and receive quality, well-used and well-kept phones, iphones, ipads, computers, other home and away-from-home communication and entertainment equipment and accessories.

Zeepla® platform users, referred to as Participants, and visitors are in one or more of the following groups:

Our Focus

To extend the beneficial lives of preloved, second-hand, Well-kept, High quality, phones, iphones, ipads, computers, televisions, other home and away-from-home communication and entertainment equipment and accessories, thereby protecting the environment.

Zeepla promotes and encourages the sale, resale, exchange and donation of these useful technological items and goods and reduces the consumption pressure on precious limited natural resources.

We Love What We Do

We are dedicated and absolutely committed to our mission and vision and how we get there. We know that nothing is possible without the involvement of our Platform Participants. We believe in our Platform Participants and strive to give you the best open community technology experience while realising value for your quality gadgets, devices and hometainments.

Zeepla’s Quality Commitment

No junk. We spare no effort to ensure only quality products are offered and delivered to our Participants.

About Zeepla Online Store

We aim to provide the best user experience of any of our community platforms.

We have put robust processes in place to ensure you feel-good and confident from the moment you initiate your transaction to the delivery of the item.