Zeepla Cookie Policy

The Zeepla takes very seriously the respect and protection of the private data of our registered

Participants (Sellers, Buyers, Donors and Exchangers) and other website visitors .  Zeepla uses cookies and similar technologies to collect, personalise content, provide social media features, analyse traffic and  track information from Participants and visitors to Veepam’s website.

Zeepla registered Participants (Sellers, Buyers, Donors and Exchangers) as well as other website visitors will have electronic option to provide consent through the ACCEPT button or deny consent with a REJECT  at the time of registration or accessing the website.

Consent is assumed or presumed on successful completion of registration by each Community Platform Participants, users  or by progression to use or browse the website by visitors. In certain cases without providing consent registration or access may not be completed.

 The information gathered by Zeepla is also used for performance improvement and to protect our systems and Participants by legally monitoring visitors to our website.

Information obtained with cookies will only be used for the improvement of specific services and our website features, and for  ensuring the satisfaction of users including Seller, Donors, Buyers, Exchangers and other visitors to Zeepla’s website.

The data so obtained will not be shared, passed or sold to any third party or Zeepla’s partners or service providers without the express permission of the data owners  except in so far as the data have earlier been in the public domain through other means unconnected with Zeepla’s activities or transactions.

On some rare occasions, Zeepla may need to share information with our third-party service providers for service improvement purposes. We will do our utmost to protect participants’ and other users’ private data and whenever applicable or necessary,  Zeepla will seek separate consent from data owners before such sharing or passing-on occurs.

Zeepla’s Participants (Sellers, Buyers, Donors and Exchangers) personal data may only be shared with law enforcement agencies and relevant regulatory institutions and as required by the law without an initial consultation with data owners.

Zeepla will inform members whenever it becomes necessary to share information with law enforcement agencies or regulators unless such sharing or prior consent from participants (Seller, Buyer, Donor, Exchangers) is determined to jeopardise an ongoing, potential, eminent, emerging, or actual legal or criminal investigation and proceedings.

Participant or website visitor or user information may also be passed on or shared with legal or law enforcement agencies and /or regulators in cases of criminal or serious breaches of Zeepla’s terms and conditions of service. Zeepla is the determinant of actions that constitute serious breaches as stated under our Terms and Conditions of services (see link).