Zeepla is a provider of a social environmental sustainable economic open market community technology Platform where Zeepla  Registered  Participants  (ZRP) sell, buy, donate and / or exchange so called second hand,  preloved or out-of-favour telephones, iphones, computers, ipads, communication and other electronics goods and accessories.

Zeepla does not sell, donate or exchange items or goods and does not accept any returned items or refunds.

Sellers, Buyers, Donors or Exchangers transact directly and follow this return policy. An intention to return an item must be made to the other party within 48 hours of receiving the items or goods and reason provided.

All returns must be made and received no more than 28 days of the date of receipt of the purchased item or good by buyers. 

There is no return of donated and / or exchanged items or goods. Donors, Receiver and /or Exchanger are advised to ensure the items or goods meet their respective requirements and specification or description in all aspects both technical and functional  before concluding or agreeing the transaction. Once a transaction is concluded or agreed between donor, receivers or exchangers, the items or goods cannot be returned to the parties.

Zeepla  as a facilitator through its Community Technology Platform will provide a goodwill Community Platform support to receivers of donations or exchangers who are not satisfied or changed their mind about the item or goods received to place such items back on the Platform for Donation or Exchange under the same terms and conditions for Exchange and Donations.

Zeepla will provide Buyers, Receivers and Exchangers who change their mind about an item or goods received for good reasons the opportunity to republish the items or goods for re-sale or re-exchange at the original price or exchange for another item or goods under the original conditions.

No fee will be charged for  items or goods  re-offered in the for donations except the usual postal fees paid by the receiving party.

For re-sale items or goods, fees will only be applicable if the item or goods are re-offered or re-advertised at a higher price than it was originally purchased. Other service charges other than commission on sales may be applicable.

All refunds where applicable must be completed as soon as possible once the item or goods have been returned and received by the seller.