Zeepla® is a Social Community Environmentally Sustainable Open Market Technology Platform for the sales, re-sale, purchase, donation and exchange of so-called second-hand, preloved phones, shop-returned, iPhones, iPads, computers, home and away-from-home communication and entertainment gadgets, devices, equipment and accessories.

Zeepla® insists that all products or gadgets offered on its platform are fit for the purpose as declared by the participants and are not individually verified and / or confirmed by Zeepla®.

Zeepla® does not at presently undertake, commission or engage in repair of any type of computer, gadgets, devices or home entertainment placed on its Community Platform.

However, to assist platform participants, sellers, buyers, exchangers or donors, who may require repair services, Zeepla® has provided a random list of third party service providers who may be able to help.

This provision does not in any way, manner or form constitute a recommendation as but only a nonbinding and voluntary proposal of support.

Participants should contact the third party service provider of their choice directly and not involve Zeepla® in any way or form before making the contact, during repair or after repair.

Participants take full responsibility of any such negotiation.

Zeepla® proposes that any participant who decides to use any third party repairer should seek and obtain a reasonable guarantee of the work carried out.

Zeepla® does not demand or collect any fees or commission from the third party providers.


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