How to setup Store-wide Shipping Before listing a product

(This is a mandatory first step)

Note: Hover over any of the question marks next to the settings to see short descriptions of what the settings do.

On Vendor/Seller Dashboard

1) Login to your Seller/Vendor account

2) Click on Settings on the left hand panel

3) Click on Shipping in the next Window that opens

4) Check the box Enable Shipping

5) Enter Shipping Processing Time

6) In Shipping Type, select Shipping by Country >> only this option available

7) In Ships from, select the country you are shipping from e.g. United Kingdom

8) Leave other optional fields as the defaults, or configure them to suit your store requirement.

9) Hover over any of the question marks next to the settings to see short descriptions of what the settings do.

10) Click on Save Settings at the bottom of the page. IMPORTANT!

How to Add OR List a Product on Your Vendor Dashboard

(Vendor/Seller Guide)

1) Logon to your Vendor/Seller Dashboard

2) Hover or Click on Products

3) Click on Add New

1) Select Simple Product – #1

2) Add Product Title – #2

3) Add Price, and a Sale Price if applicable – #3

4) Add a Short Description of your product – #4

5) Click on the landscape icon to add product image. You can add more images by clicking on the smaller landscape icons with + signs – #5

6) In Categories, select the most appropriate category for your product – #6

6.1) Selecting Donation or Exchange category will list your product for Donation or Exchange with a corresponding badge on the published product picture.

6.2) If you are listing your product for Donation or Exchange, indicate this in the short and long descriptions of the product. Also include what you would like your product to be exchanged for.

7) Add a long Description – #7

8) Add a Tag or Tags for your product – #8

9) Click on Inventory – #9, and hover over the questions marks for the following and set as appropriate for you product, SKU, Manage Stock, Stock Status, Sold individually & Initial number in stock.

10) Click on Shipping – #10

11) Select Processing Time for shipping – #11

12) Check the box Override Shipping – #12. This allows you the flexibility to set individual product price.

13) Add the Shipping Cost in Additional Price – #13 (Set this as Zero if you are donating your product). The Per Qty Additional Price is used to charge lower shipping cost for additional purchase of the same product by a customer. Hover over the question marks next to the options to see the descriptions of what they do.

14) Click on the SUBMIT – #14 button at the button of the page to publish your product.

How to estimate your shipping cost

It is important to get a good estimate of how much it will cost to ship a product before you list it. You do not want to find out that it will cost you more to ship when your product is already purchased by a customer. That will leave you out of pocket as a seller, if you have to pay more to ship. Before you list an item for sale, estimate the size and weight of the package that will be used for shipping, and go to the website of a shipping provider of your choice to estimate the shipping cost. Make sure the shipping cost is estimated for a trackable postal service. The following are some examples of couriers with trackable services we recommend:

1) Royal Mail

2) Evri – formerly Hermes

3) DPD

4) UPS

5) DHL

How to Manage Orders & Send Note/Shipping Notification to Customer

(Vendor/Seller Guide)

An email notification is automatically sent to a Vendor/Seller when a sale is made to inform that a sale has been made.

Shipping Setup and functionalities:

Choose a shipping company of your choice and send the product to the buyer within 2 working days, with a shipping method that can be tracked with a shipping reference number. Keep your buyer informed of the shipping status and tracking number using the customer messaging tool available in the Order page.

Manage your Orders and Send Shipping Status to your buyer with the following steps:

1) Click on Orders

2) Click on an Order number to open the detailed order page.

3) Click on the drop down arrow to UPDATE the Status of an Order

4) Scroll down the Order page to the section Add Note

5) Add a not for your buyer including Shipping Tracking Number at #5

6) Optionally upload a file shipping receipt, giving your upload a Name at #6. Use the UPLOAD button to upload your file.

7) Use the drop down arrow at #7 to select Note to Customer.

8) Use the ADD button #8 to add the note to the Order record and send an Order Process Status Email to your buyer.

How to Ship, Mark an Order as Shipped, and Send Notification to Customer

When customers purchase and pay for products, vendors must ship the products to the customers within 2 working days, using a Courier of their choice that offer Trackable Postal Service. The following are some of the Couriers with trackable postal services that can be used:

1) Royal Mail

2) Evri – formerly Hermes

3) DPD

4) UPS

5) DHL

You may also use any other reputable Courier of your choice that offer trackable postal service. Pack all orders securely, following any guideline from the Courier you have chosen. Go to the Courier’s website and buy the appropriate trackable postage label, then post the products purchased to your customers. Only post products when customers have made payments.

When you have posted and order, follow the steps below to mark the order as shipped and send notification to your customer.

1) Scroll down to Shipment Tracking on the Order page – #1

2) Click on the Truck icon – #2

3) Enter your chosen courier Tracking Code for the shipment

4) Enter the Tracking URL – The website Address where your buyer can track the shipment.

5) Click SUBMIT to complete the shipment information, send email notification to your buyer, and update the shipping status on the Order page.