Zeepla is a provider of  a social environmentally sustainable economic open market community Technology Platform where Zeepla Registered  Participants  (ZRP) sell, buy, donate and / or exchange so called second hand,  preloved or out-of-favour but good quality phones, iphones, computers, ipad, other electronic communication and entertainment devices and accessories.

Zeepla requires Participants to provide their personal data including first names, middle names, surnames, emails, telephone numbers, address and other contact details in order to register, access, participate,  engage  and transact in any or all of the Community platform activities.

Zeepla will request specific prior approval from Participants before using any Participant’s private detail or data excluding any information that is already in the public domain.
How do we use the data and any other personal detail we collect?

Zeepla uses the name, email, telephone, address and other contact details primarily to identify our Participants, improve service delivery for Participants and other website visitors as well as to be able to contact them as and when necessary.

Zeepla will not put the details of our Private Participants in the public domain without each participant’s express permission or the Participants have expressly chosen to make public. Participants will have options to give consent and to withdraw such consent at any time if they so wished.
Our Commercial or Professional Participants may include the names of their companies or organisations when they publish the photographs of the items or goods sold, donated or exchanged on the website. We believe these will prove each Professional participants performance through easy identification and transparency to website users and visitors.
Zeepla will not knowingly share or pass on  Participants’ private or contact details to a third party without appropriate consent of the data owner.
Zeepla will only use Participants information with their consent and only for the purpose of enhancing the services we provide to each participant or as may be required by law.

Zeepla will inform members whenever it comes necessary to share information with law enforcement agencies or regulators unless such sharing or prior consent from participants (Seller, Buyer, Donor, Exchangers) will jeopardise an ongoing or potential legal or criminal investigation.
Participant’s information may also be passed or shared with legal enforcement agencies and / or regulators in cases of criminal breaches of Zeepla terms and conditions of service.

Zeepla also uses cookies to track and collect information from our website visitors and users (see our cookie policy).  Zeepla invites all our Participants (Sellers, Buyers, Donors and Exchangers) and other users to read and understand our cookie policy before completing registration or using the website.

Participation by Children or the underaged

Zeepla does not permit registration of any individual or child under the age of 18 years or the legal age to be considered as an adult in any jurisdiction we operate in, without the express consent of the individual’s parents, adult and / or legal guardian. Parental, adult and / or legal consent is presumed by Zeepla when the appropriate parental or legal guardian electronic button is clicked and activated.