Listing Items on Zeepla® Community Platform

How can I list my item or goods on Zeepla® Community Platform?

There are three different options for listing items on Zeepla Community Platform:

  1. To sell to the public
  2. To exchange  your item for another item with  another Community Platform Participant 
  3. To donate your item to the public

For all three you need first to register as a Participant by following the simple registration steps.

When you have registered, then proceed to register your item to sell, exchange or donate by following the relevant instructions.

You will receive a confirmation email when you have completed the process. 

Zeepla Commission and Fees

Do I have to pay any registration fees?

No, Zeepla® does not charge registration or Membership fee to sell, exchange or donate an item or goods on the Community Platform. 

Becoming a Zeepla Registered Participant (ZRP) is free of charge.

What are the Commissions or charges on any sale I make on the Community Platform?

Zeepla® is committed to sustainably low fees and charges. Zeepla® only takes commission on sale and exchange items. 

Commission on Sales

You will pay only a flat fee of 7% of the sales price of each item plus any local Tax at the prevailing rate if applicable.

Apart from postage or delivery charges where they are not free no other service charge is applicable.   


Commission on sale item:  7% plus Tax at the prevailing rate where applicable.


All fees and charges are added and paid as part of the total sales price.


Commission on Exchange

Commission on Exchanged item per Participant

A flat exchange fee of 7% of the agreed value of an exchange item or goods plus Tax at the prevailing rate is payable on every item exchanged and per participant in the exchange transaction. 

Fees are paid only when a transaction is completed on the Platform check-out and before delivery of the item. 

Postage fees

Each exchange participant pays for the associated or agreed postage or delivery charge for each item or goods in the transaction.

What are the charges when I exchange my iphone, ipad or indeed any other item on Zeepla®

Commission on Exchange item per Participant in the exchange: 7% per item per exchange  participant of the agreed value of the exchange item or goods offered for the exchange  plus Tax at the prevailing rate.

Sales Period

How long does it take to sell my items on Zeepla® Community Platform?

This will depend on multiple factors including the type of item or goods, condition, the description provided including  true images or photographs, demand for the goods at the time, price expectations,  etc.

Zeepla® aims to ensure a quick turnaround time on the Community Platform and employs other channels to provide additional exposure and traffic on the Platform.

Participants can help by giving a clear, honest  and complete description of the goods they place on the Platform to generate and retain attention of interested visitors and other Participants. Good images / photographs of the items on offer will speak louder than many words.

Item Returns

Can I return a product I bought from Zeepla® Community Platform?

Yes, under certain conditions,  items purchased from the Community Platform can be returned directly to the seller.  Such conditions include not providing information that matches the product received by the buyer or when goods suffer damages not caused by the buyer.

However, returns increase the carbon footprint of products through transportation and increases cost for everyone. Hence, we would suggest giving your situation a deep consideration before deciding to purchase, exchange or return an item.  

Zeepla® encourages  buyers and exchangers to fully consider and understand the product before making purchase or agreeing to exchange and for sellers or exchangers to provide maximum information to help buyers or exchangers to make the right decisions. 

Buyers are also offered the opportunity to replace the product on the Platform for re-sale at zero commission  or charges  provided it is offered at the same or no profit on the initial purchase price.

Zeepla® does not get directly involved in return items. Please see our return policy.

How do I return an item I bought from Zeepla® Community Platform?

 Returns are made directly to the seller. No returns are made to Zeepla®

Buyer must inform the seller via Zeepla® Community Platform within 48 hours of receiving the product of the intention to return an item or goods and provide the seller with the reason for the return. 

The product must be received by the seller within 28 days of delivery to qualify for a refund where applicable. 

A delivery charge may be deducted from the refund where this has been paid by the seller.

Price Negotiation & Offers

Can I negotiate a price or make an offer on Zeepla® ?

Buyers may contact sellers directly to offer a price on an item they wish to buy on Zeepla® Community Platform.  If a seller accepts the offer, the sales price can be adjusted to match the offer by a buyer.  Zeepla® does not get involved in any way or manner in the process of any negotiation or fixing of prices for items placed on the Community Platform.

Donors and Donations

How do I offer goods for donation on Zeepla®?

 Donors need to register first as a Zeepla® on community Platform to place  items for donation to a charity or the public. It is short and quick to register. Please see the registration requirement and process.

Then donors must give a full description of the item or goods including good and clear images or photographs to help other interested Platform participants fully appreciate the item or goods on offer. 

Donors must indicate  that an item or goods is for donation by selecting the donation category while listing. 

Simply select the Donation category and your item will be tagged, “Donation”.

Donors must also indicate if postage or delivery charges are to be paid by the receiving participant or by the donor.

Commercial or Professional Participants (Sellers, Exchangers, Donors)​

My company has some products it wishes to donate to some charitable organisations or the public, can we do that through Zeepla® Community Platform?

Yes, you or any other legal entity can donate your products or items to the public or charities through Zeepla® Community Platform. All registration processes must first be completed. You will need to register your organisation as a Commercial or Professional Participant on the Community Platform, see the registration requirement and process, which is the same as registration of individuals. Then proceed to register the item or goods you wish to donate, select Donation as the category and the item or goods will be tagged, “Donation” and this will be visible to the public.

My company has returned and overstock devices it would like to offer for resale to the general public. Can these items be placed on Zeepla®’?

Yes, the items can be placed on Zeepla® Community Platform. Your company has to be registered as a professional or commercial seller or Participant on the Platform to place the items for sale.

Simply follow the short registratio, which is the same for individual participants. Your company remains responsible for its products placed on the Community Platform.

Same Commission rate of 7% on each item offered for sale, plus Tax at the prevailing rate will apply.

My company has produced too many of some of its branded devices and is now overstocked. Can we offer them to the public at a discount on Zeepla®?

Yes, the items can be placed on Zeepla® Community Platform. Your company has to be registered as a professional or commercial seller or Participant on the Platform to place the items for sale. Your company remains responsible for its product placed on the Community Platform.
You may also use your agents to place the items on Zeepla® if that works better for you.
Same Commission rate of 7% plus Tax at the prevailing rate, where applicable, will apply.

Payment ​

How do I make payment when I purchase an item or goods from Zeepla®?

PayPal and Stripe are two trusted ecommerce payment service providers Zeepla® has selected for now as the preferred payment gateways. These two trusted payment service providers ensure sellers and buyers are protected on Zeepla®.

All payments for all purchases and other transactions on Zeepla® Community Platform are currently made through PayPal and Stripe secure systems at checkout.

Other secure and favourable payment options will progressively be added in the near future.

Is my payment protected when I make payment on Zeepla® Community Platform?

Yes, PayPal, our payment partner, provides an automatic protection for payments due to the sellers and that made by the buyers on Zeepla® Community Platform. This means that the seller’s share of the money is protected until received and the buyer’s money is also protected until the item or goods is received by the buyer.

All transactions on Zeepla® Community Platform offer complete peace of mind.

How soon can I get paid when I sell my goods or items on Zeepla®?

Zeepla® aims to ensure that sellers on Zeepla® Community Platform receive their due payment as soon as possible. Our target is for sellers to receive all money due to each seller as soon as the buyer confirms receipt of the item or goods, which should be no later than 7 days from the date of purchase and all commission and taxes are deducted from the sales price.

This means that the sooner the seller can ship and ensure the buyer receives the goods and commissions paid, the sooner the seller will receive the money directly from the same bank account payment was made into. Zeepla® discourages all aspects of delays.

What is your payment system?

Zeepla® works with two renowned,reputable and trusted payment gateway providers in e-commerce, PayPaL and Stripe.

Registration on Zeepla®

Why should I register on Zeepla®?

Registration enables sellers, donors or  exchangers as a Platform participant to track your transactions or other activities on the Zeepla® Platform. 

Registration also helps the Admin to trace a subject or item and offer specific assistance to Zeepla® registered  participants.


What shipping options are available when I sell, exchange or donate an item on Zeepla®?

You can use any shipping provider  to send items to the buyer,  exchanger or. Sending from the UK, the options include Royal Mail, DPD, UPS, DHL, Hermes or any other shipper you like. 

You must use a shipping service that issues tracking numbers to ensure you and the receiver are protected if there is any problem in transit resulting in delays or non delivery of an item.

Login to the website of the shipping provider of your choice, which is available via  internet search and complete the process independent of Zeepla®. Pay for the shipping on the Shipping provider website and the shipping tracking number.

Then,  go back to your customer’s order in your Zeepla account. Click on the order number, then scroll to Shipment Tracking and click on the order tracking icon (Truck image). Enter the tracking number and the shipping provider tracking website address to send to the buy, exchanger or donee (receiver).

Seller/Vendor, Exchanger Donor Verification

What is the advantage of being a verified seller/vendor, exchanger or donor?

Verification of sellers, exchangers or donors on Zeepla® platform conveys confidence and assurance to other interested participants. It enhances trust in other Platform users and promotes a faster transaction completion on your listed items.

When you opt to be verified on Zeepla® system,  your seller profile and store are tagged with a “Verified Vendor '' badge. 

Note that verification is optional by ticking the required box during the setup of your profile.

Product Related Feedbacks and Queries

How do I inform a Seller/Vendor about issues or feedback on a product?

Login into your customer account

Click on the order number

Click on Support to raise an issue of feedback  straight to the Seller/Vendor’s email address.

Note, you have to  be a Zeepla Registered Participant (ZRP) for your transactions on the Community Platform to be traceable and for you to raise any subsequent complaint about a product. 

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