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Used Smart Phones and Devices Market is Booming!

“Cost of living crisis” is a phraseology that has become global irrespective of cultural and geopolitical  dispositions and idiosyncrasies. Expression and intensity may be different in various language settings, the impact seems the similar especially among certain socio-economic groups or the “working class”.

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Paul Kunert in the Register recently asked, “Who needs shiny new blowers when there’s bills to pay and kids to feed? Answer: fewer and fewer folks”.

As the cost of living crisis not only spreads but also persists across the globe more and more people are finding value in used smart phones and other smart technologies.

In 2022, the sales of pre-owned and refurbished devices was estimated at 282 million pieces around the world.

The growth in 2022 was 11.5% higher than in 2021, driven by the combination of the need for families and individuals to save money as well as  the often very attractive offers in the market.

This is also on the back drop of a forecasted healthy annual growth of the second hand gadget market of over 10 percent into 2026.

Multiple worldwide sources of tracked shipments and sales data including from the reputed IDC (International Data Corporation) indicated that a total of 282.6 million new smartphones were sold in different parts of the world with the majority occurring in North America.

As a continuous booster to the second-hand smart phone and devices market, major manufacturers and retailers are enhancing their trade-in programs. These feed early into the market ensuring quality and current technologies stream into the pre-loved markets in good time. Similar pattern is seen in all regions of the world.

The faster manufacturers produce and introduce new innovations and enhancements, the quicker those at the tail end of the supply chain, the distributors and retailers, are pushed to put through the newer technologies. The winners are the second-hand smart phones and other devices bargain hunters. 

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Market forces including innovation and competition are  playing important role in the second-hand smart devices market. 

Zeepla’s purpose is to provide the best experience and platform for the global community to enjoy the benefits of quality second-hand devices at very competitive and persuasive prices awhile contributing to ensuring a sustainable environment for our future and generations to come. It is also possible to donate or exchange smart devices on Zeepla’s community platform.

If you have multiple smartphones and other devices, why not consider visiting Zeepla’s website to Zeepla it™ and get value?


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