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Evolution of Smart Devices Place of Origin

Quality used smart phones

New Apple iPhone 14 is to be made in India. A big win for Indian technology.

This is a significant move away from China as the bedrock of global supply chain. Tens of millions of the new iPhone 14 range will be made and shipped around the world from India. The impact of the fast moving geopolitics and CoVID-19 lockdown cannot be ignored. Businesses, technology and people are never removed from the world around them. Indeed, the mix determine and shape the world.

From USA to Japan, to South Korea, to China, now increasingly to India. The question being asked in geo-business relocation space is, when is an African country going to be ready?  

The fast evolution of mobile gadgets means that more high performance, high quality and value preloved devices come into the second-hand market.

Quality AirPod

Zeepla®’s open market community platform aims to facilitate the availability  of these quality pre-loved devices through re-sell channels, exchange and donations.

New Apple iPhone 14 – Made In India

By this,  Zeepla® also aims to encourage value maximization and  material re-use, recycle, waste reduction and ultimately saving our Planet.

Whichever way you would like to participate, just Zeepla it™.


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