Donate, Donate – Donation As A Source Of Great Pleasure!

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Donate, Donate, Donation As A Source of Pleasure!

Our prosocial behaviour, kindness and compassion expressed in donations reinforce and enhance our happiness. A research with 600 American participants given money to distribute to others, found that the more participants invested money in other people, the happier they were.

A  Gallup World Poll between 2006 – 2008 in 136 countries,  found that happiness had similar relationship with the feeling of doubling one’s income in people who donated to charity in the previous month in 120 of the countries polled. The link between prosocial activity like donation was said to be universal. That observation was similar in both rich and poor countries.

Researchers concluded that there are multiple reasons for making donations whether of financial or an asset such as priced smart electronic gadgets and devices. According to Olson (1965), donation may be motivated as in the case of public charities by the desire to win prestige, respect, friendship as well as other psycho-social objectives. In other words, the reasons span materials and intangibles.

In another research conducted by Becker in 1974, it was observed that charitable behaviour could be influenced or motivated by self-esteem, the desire to avoid being scorned by others or a quest for social acclamation. Some people may feel the need to be recognized, loved or even noticed in their specific  communities.  Each community or environment and need will be different.  

Other reasons associated to why people make donation included social pressure, guilt, sympathy, empathy or simply a desire for a warm-glow. Some have described warn-glow as the selfish pleasure we get when we do good, in whatever form, to other people. The Feel-good factor from a self-denial or sacrifice of an item particularly if that item is of importance to us. Some of these feelings can be mentally restorative, rewarding and good  for mental health conditions.

Ed O’Brien of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Samantha Kassirer (2018) of the North Western University Kellog School of Management found that such feeling of happiness derived from gifting appeared to sustain itself more than when we received similar items over and over. The feel good pleasure did not reduce over time when it was performed repetitively, and when it reduced over time,  it was much slower than when identical item was received repetitively over time.

This suggested that giving or gifting can also be a type of treat or a way of treating one’s self. We feel good when we have just made a donation. Repeated giving of identical items to identical others continued to feel fresh and relatively pleasurable, the more the giving action went on.  It was then suggested elsewhere that to sustain happiness or pleasure it is important to experience something new.

However, the nature and the circumstance of donations or giving is important. These may have some impact or mitigate the level of happiness or pleasure that could be experienced.

Whatever motivates the donation, Zeepla aims to create  the best environment to donate out-of-favour or used electronic gadgets, smartphones,  smartwatches, used speakers, etc.  to individuals, communities or any good courses. Donors or Participants using Zeepla community Platform will get the ultimate good-feeling and pleasure that come with making a quality donation. And it is free when you Zeepla it!

Zeepla will promote mental health restorative giving,  create the spirit of affordable sharing through donations whenever you can afford to do so. Both corporates and individuals are encourage through no extra charges except for postage or delivery.

Some checking questions include,

Do you still use it?

Have you had it for long or too Long?

Do you feel like a change is due?

Do you need to update?

Can you afford not to sell or exchange it?

Feeling compassion or empathy towards others?
Do you have a double or too many?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above,

Then,  Zeepla it! For free.

And feel happier

Dr Zeepla  

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