Zeepla Mission

What are the motivations of Zeepla team?

Our motives are multifaceted. They include:

  • put more money in your pocket when you sell, buy, donate or exchange your old or out-of-love items like phones, headphone, etc.
  • Zeepla it, which means to be transparent and low in charges and / or free in certain cases such as donations
  • save materials used in making those items by extending their useful life through finding new owners or lovers for each item,
  • preserve our shared earth by preventing resource waste and avoidable transportation in our supply chain in the face of growing scarcity,
  • save labour and assure better use of human resources by encouraging the maximization of resource deployment,
  • real world sustainability and in your pockets,
  • freedom to unlock the emotional and / financial values in your premium quality devices and gadgets
  • provide best open market platform Participants’ experience,
  • ultimately create good feeling and wellbeing among Zeepla Participants through win /win.

Dr Zeepla

Premium quality second hand or pre-owned Ear-Pod. Can be your hidden gem.

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