Second Hand Smartphone Market

More and more people are becoming aware of the opportunities to realise financial or emotional value from their aging or dated smartphones.

The global second smartphone market is expected to exceed £49 billion by 2024, all categories included, amounting to over 351 million pieces according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) .

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Current annualised growth rate of the market of over 9% is set to continue well into the future though new phone shipments by all the leading manufacturers are declining.

Zeepla is offering gadget owners and users the opportunity to sell, buy, exchange or donate their used or out of favour devices at very low fees or no fees at all when a device is donated.

Zeepla gives the participants the freedom to trade up or down the smart devices market to release locked in emotional and financial values in their original investment. No need to wait for your provider to sell, exchange or even donate your gadget.

Dr Zeepla

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