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Smart Devices

How many people own several smart devices, iPhones, iPad, iPod, EarPods, i-watch, etc.  that are not in use or in full use?

Locked-in Values in Smart Devices
Locked-in Value in Smart Devices

How many are paying the subscription fees for any such technically redundant Smart Device?

Just because it is affordable, maybe not, just forgotten treasures. Good for you!

However, times are changing, and are changing fast. Let’s make the best of our times and smart devices.

“Cost of Living Crisis”, the new set of phrase in our language armoury. War in Ukraine, Energy crisis, Supply Chain crisis, Food and material shortages, the list goes on.

UK inflation in August 2022 reached above 10%. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mr Andrew Bailey  warned to expect and prepared for the worst. On a global basis, the picture appears the same everywhere we turn. In the USA, Chairman Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve added his own assessment and gave even more scary warning.

Smart devices and associated services are not immune from the price increases. Adobe’s Digital Price Index 2022 shows that the cost of owning and keeping our smart devices are going up despite the online competitive offers from various manufacturers and brand providers.

Interestingly, some smart devices including iPhones, iPads, EarPods, Smart watches, etc.  hold great monetary and emotional values. In challenging times, they can become hardship-saving investments. They can be sold to release cash to tidy through financially challenging times, to cover for our immediate needs especially if we own several smart devices at the same time. Or, traded down if the device is expensive with considerable locked-in value. You can release the value in your smart device, either emotional or financial value.

One can get emotional well-being back by realising the locked-in value in smart devices. The devices can be exchanged for other items too.

In other situations  where affordability is not an issue, they could be donated to other persons or organisations that may need them for more active usage.  In donation, we get that fulfilment and buzz that come with helping others in need.  

Zeepla®’s open market social  community platform offers the participants the opportunity to sell, buy, exchange or donate pre-owned, so called second-hand, pre-loved smart devices.

By participating in any of the activities on Zeepla®’s community platform, you are also doing your bit to save our planet through reduction of wastage and recycling, less use of raw material and less pollution through reduction of supply chain actions particularly transportation with new mobile phone launch happening every week.

Don’t waste your smart gadget or device when you can Zeepla it™,  and get value. Save the environment!

Just Zeepla it!™  Find out more on

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